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Rudyard Dickens
, who prefers to go by the name Kid Riddle, is one of the detectives from the video game Guilty Party.

Official Biography

The son of Phoebe Dickens; Rudyard is the youngest member of the family - energetic and still fascinated by childish things. His famous grandfather looms larger than life in Rudyard's eyes, and he wishes he could be as cool as the Commodore. To that end, he has created an alternate persona of Kid Riddle: masked mastermind, boy brainiac, and juvenile genius! When Rudyard dons his cape and cowl, the mild-mannered Rudyard can leap into the most confounding cases with courage and confidence. He has a flair for the dramatic; he occasionally offers explosive commentary on a case in the manner of an old-fashioned comic book. His enthusiasm often causes him to come up with wildy incorrect theories, but he usually makes up for it with energetic investigation.

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