Rubin Bartlett is the secondary antagonist in Ernest Goes to Jail.

Role in the film

Rubin kills a prisoner at the Dracup Maximum Security Prison. He begs his inmate, Felix Nash, to assist him. Nash tells Rubin that he is responsible for the murder. During his trial in the courtroom, he spots Ernest, who turns out to be Nash's innocent doppelgänger, and later reports it to Nash. While Nash pretends to be Ernest, he reminds Rubin that Ernest is not him. Rubin temporarily pretends Ernest is Nash. When Ernest magnetically resurrects from the electric chair, Rubin along with Lyle prepares to prevent Ernest's escape out of jail at the main gate after Ernest electrifies all of the security guards. At that moment, Lyle spares Ernest instead. Rubin suspiciously feels awkward about releasing Nash's doppelgänger out of prison, but Lyle knocks him out.