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The royal guards are minor characters in the 2010 film Tangled. They are the guards that protect Corona from crime. Their former leader is the Captain of the Guards, who had an antagonistic relationship with Flynn Rider when he used to be the leader, until he later was demoted, and got succeeded as captain by Maximus.

Role in the film

Corona's guards were first seen helping with the search for a magical flower that help cure the ill Queen and save her unborn child. In which they subsided and brought back to the kingdom.

Eighteen years after the kidnapping of the princess, her crown became a remind of her and the Guards were tasked to guard it, as it was kept in the throne room; however Flynn Rider and the Stabbington Brothers were to steal the tiara from the men guarding it. The guards and their Captain gave chase and were able to capture the brothers while Flynn got away. They were later told that Flynn was at the Snuggly Duckling Pub and marched their way there; however the Pub Thugs helped the thief and his female companion escape through a hidden tunnel until the Captain's horse, Maximus uncovered the entrance. The Captain got one of his men to guard the Stabbingtons while they went after Flynn, but the brothers were able over power the guard and escape. The other guards were able catch up with Flynn and Rapunzel and then were knocked out by frying pen that Rapunzel gave to the thief.

There were some guards patrolling Corona when the thief and the birthday girl finally made it to their destination and had to hide from them a few times. Hours later, after the light from the floating lanterns were dying down, Flynn was set to the castle with his and the crown that he stole tide to the helm of a small boat and arrested him for his crimes; as well as the Stabbington Brothers. They then went to Flynn cell so they could hang him for his crimes, Flynn managed to over power them when he saw the brothers and got them to him how they knew of Rapunzel's hair, and when he got his answers the guards he knocked out got back on their feet and restrained him. The Pug Thugs however were able to help Flynn escape, so he could rush to Rapunzel's recuse.

When the Lost Princess finally returned home, Maximus became their new caption and got them to use frying pans; and to bring him apples.


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