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Background information
Feature films Alice in Wonderland
Short films
Television programs Jake and the Never Land Pirates (cameo from the Tiger Lily)
Video games Mickey Mousecapade
Alice in Wonderland (Game Boy Color) (Rose only)
Park attractions Alice in Wonderland
Mickey Mouse Revue
Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Doris Lloyd (Rose), Norma Zimmer (White Rose)
Performance model
Inspiration Live Flowers from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass"
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Logical (Rose), ditzy (Daisy), judgemental (Iris), gossipers (the tulips and likely Daisy), well-mannered (formerly)
Appearance A collection of roses, violets, daisies, tulips, lilies, and other assorted flowers.
Occupation Flowers of Wonderland
Alignment Good (Rose)
Neutral (Other Flowers)
Goal To sing and keep weeds out of their meadow.
Home Meadow of Living Flowers in Wonderland
Relatives Each other
Pets Dandy Pup
Allies Each other, Alice (formerly), Rocking Horse Fly, Bread Butterflies
Minions Bud
Enemies Weeds, Alice
Likes Singing
Dislikes Weeds
Powers and abilities Can sing beautifully
Weapons Dandelions, tiger lilies
Fate Cease to exist since they are all in Alice's mind
Quote "A Golden Afternoon♪"

The Flowers of Wonderland who live near the White Rabbit's home are sentient beings who love to sing. They first appeared in Alice in Wonderland.


Alice in Wonderland

While Alice is chasing after the White Rabbit after being shrunk, she runs into a flower garden where she meets a large group of beautiful flowers. During Alice's attempt to befriend them, the children flowers exclaim they can sing, and they all want to sing about themselves, but the Red Rose (the leader) says they will sing "All in the Golden Afternoon" which is about all of themselves. After the song the flowers try to figure out what kind of flower Alice is. When Alice replies that she isn't a flower, they determine that she is a weed and change their attitude towards her, at which they chase her out of their garden violently. Alice tries to get her own back by telling them that she would pluck them all if she was her normal size, and two Daffodils respond by soaking her with water, sending her further away from the garden. They are not shown again for the rest of the film and cease to exist when Alice wakes up at the film's end.

Alice in Wonderland Jr.

In Alice in Wonderland Jr., there are only five flowers: Rose, Daisy, Lily, Violet, and Petunia. They make up a typical girl-group called "The Golden Afternoon" and deny Alice's request to join the club because she is a "silly little uncool weed."

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

The Tiger Lily makes a cameo in the upcoming Jake and the Never Land Pirates episode.


Alice in Wonderland

  • "You mean bread-and-butterflies."
  • "Naturally!"
  • "But of course we can talk, my dear."
  • "If there's anyone around worth talking to."
  • "Or about." [giggles]
  • "And we sing too!"
  • "Oh, yes. Would you like to hear ‘Tell it to the tulips’?"
  • "No, let’s sing about us!"
  • "We know one about the shy little violets..."
  • "Oh, no, not that old thing!"
  • "Let’s do ‘Lovely lily at the valley’!"
  • "How about the daisies in the..."
  • "Oh, she wouldn’t like that!"
  • "Girls! We shall sing "Golden Afternoon". That's about all of us."
  • "Sound your A, Lily!"
  • "Thank you, my dear."
  • "What kind of garden do you come from?"
  • "Oh, do you suppose she’s a wild flower?"
  • "Just what species or, shall we say, genus are you, my dear?"
  • "Ever see an alice with a blossom like that?"
  • "Come to think of it, did you ever see an alice?"
  • "Yes, and did you notice her petals? What a peculiar color."
  • [sniffing Alice's hair] "And no fragrance."
  • [chuckling, as she lifts up one side of Alice's dress] "And just look at those stems."
  • [as Alice slaps the Daisy's leaves away] "Rather scrawny, I'd say."
  • "I think she's pretty."
  • "Quiet, bud."


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