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Trailer Version

"Moving to DC" is the theme song for Cory in the House. The theme song, was written and produced by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, and performed by Kyle Massey, Maiara Walsh, and Jason Dolley (though the closing credits of the show credit the performance of the theme song only to Massey). An alternate theme song "Rollin' to D.C." is also sung by Massey and Walsh and was used in the music video to promote the series.
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Music Video Version

What’s up y’all? Now I’m Cory
Oh oh, c’mon, listen up real quick

People let me introduce myself
I’m Cory from the San Fran bay
The Golden Gate Bridge is my backyard
‘Til the Pres came to town one day

You see the one cuisine that the Pres adores
Is my dad’s specialty
Now we hooked up dad as his White House chef
And we’re headed off to DC, c’mon

We got a presidential mandate to serve up nachos grande
Everybody get on board ‘cause we’re rollin’ to DC
Thinkin’ of America ‘cause we’re rollin’ to DC

We’re goin’ to DC, y’all ready?
I’ma just spit one more time at y’all

Now we’re running through Las Vegas
And the heat is out of hand
We rock we flow to the Alamo
Hey, but this ain’t our last stand

From the arch of ol’ St. Louis
To PA’s Liberty Bell
We got the sound, we got the tune
And we rock the food as well, let's go

We got a heritage to feed, the presidential need
C’mon everybody get on board ‘cause we’re rollin’ to DC
Thinkin’ of America ‘cause we’re rollin’ to DC

Now we’re kickin’ it here in DC
And this is where the fun begins
I got a brand new home, a brand new life
And all these brand new friends

Now the Pres’ Oval Office
Is outside my front door
We’re plugged in at the White House
And it’s time to rock the floor, let’s go!

People we ain’t joking when we say [incomprehensible]
Everybody get on board ‘cause we’re rollin’ to DC
Thinking of America, we’re rollin’ to DC
Rollin’ to DC, rollin’ to DC

TV Version

Audience: Go Cory! Go Cory!

Cory: I'm the new kids ready for getting it done and I'm officially declaring us for having some fun.

Singers: You'd better calm down Cory.

Cory: I'm talking about a whole lot of party and were getting it started. Mr. Presdient you mind showing us some electric guitar?

Singers: Washington, DC will never be the same. Cause we got Cory, Cory, Cory in the house.

Cory: Yeah it's a party every week baby.

Singers: Cory, Cory, Cory check it out.

Cory: Yeah I'm in the house.

Singers: He's gonna shake it up and change it. Take it all and rearrange it. We got a new thing that's on the scene. We got Cory in the House!!!

Cory; Party!!!

Singers: Cory in the House!

Cory: I'm your man.