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RoboGadget is the quaternary antagonist in Disney's Inspector Gadget. He is a completely robotic duplicate of Inspector Gadget created by Dr. Claw from his original prototype android, Promethyus. Unlike the good inspector, Robo was fitted with devices meant for death and destruction, however, he does retain the original's ability to extend his limbs. They can be told apart by his over-sized white teeth and different colored clip on tie.


Inspector Gadget

Brought to life by a copy of the Neuron Synphase Amplifier chip, Robo was completed and dressed in an outfit identical to Gadget's. He was then sent into Riverton to cause enough chaos and destruction to put his counterpart away for life; some of his crimes included scaring off a kid who couldn't pay for an autograph, setting a "Welcome to Riverton" sign and an elderly man's beard on fire, and stacking cars on top of each other.

Visiting Chief Quimby, Robo was mistaken for Gadget and told he was to lead the Bradford murder case. However, he simply lit the papers on Quimby's desk on fire. When the officers pointed guns at him, Robo gleegully jumps out the window and damaged their cars. Sometime later, he had ignited several buildings and burned a "G" into one as well. Extending his legs, Robo made a shadow puppet and roared/laughed maniacally, scaring off patrons.

By daytime the next day, Robo had been collected by Claw. However, when Gadget arrived, he was ordered to get rid of him. During their fight, Robo tried using tommy guns, scythes, and even a spider, but it proved useless. Gadget found the linchpin holding his head on and pulled it off, tossing him into the river while his body was left forgotten as it went running through the city. During the end credits, Robo's body is still moving around the city and finally bumps into the screen.

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