Road Rally is the fourth Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie.


Mickey and his pals participate in a road rally that takes them across sandy deserts, over snow-covered mountains, and through lush jungles.

Characters Present


  • Clarabelle Cow announces the title of this episode after the opening sequence.
  • Toodles first appeared without a face in the title and during the mousekadoer song, but then as the mousekatools are stored inside him his face appears which means he becomes a major character in this episode since his birthday.
  • On Goofy and Toodles use the tools to make the road rally safe.
  • The extended-length episode was released on DVD the same day it aired.
  • This episode was part of Disney Channel's Original Family Night Series.
  • Toodles says "See ya Real Soon" at the end of the Episode.
  • This episode was released on DVD September 7, 2010.
  • Pete was the Last at the Race and entered the Mickey Marker