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Riley Poole is the tritagonist of National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. He is portrayed by Justin Bartha.



Riley Poole is a sarcastic computer expert, resident genius, and best friend of Benjamin Franklin Gates. He tries his hardest to be funny and smart, but doesn't always succeed. He can be nerdy most of the time and get annoyed when people don't listen to him. He loves it when he knows something Ben and Abigail don't!


National Treasure

He figured out the clue involving the one hundred dollar bill and Independence Hall. When he realizes that Abigail and Ben do not know what he knows, he takes his time, asking them if this is what they always feel like (much to their anger). Before that Riley tried to convince Ben that stealing the Declaration of Independence was impossible due to the security at the National Archives.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Riley later wrote a book, called The Templar Treasure, about treasure hunting and myths. He is shocked when it is not a best seller and people keep confusing him for Ben.

The IRS repossessed his Ferrari because of back taxes at the beginning of National Treasure: Book of Secrets He is brought into the search for Cíbola. To prove Thomas Gates was not part of the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln he and Ben first have to break into Abigail Chases residence since she kicked Ben out. When found out by Abigail she allows them access to the files they need. The clue leads to a Cipher of Edward Laboylee and Riley and Ben are off to Paris France and the French Statue of Liberty. The clue there leads to the Resolute Desk of both the Queen of England and the President of the United States. It is Riley who figures out that the symbol of the two pieces of wood are the Book of Secrets and that leads to the kidnapping by Ben of the President of the United States. The three of them go the Library of Congress where the book is found. It leads to Mount Rushmore (which to Riley's surprise was built as a cover up). After narrowly being killed by several complex traps, they are awed when they reach Cibola, with Riley comically taking several solid gold bricks, making him one of the richest people in North America. Mitchell Wilkinson is there and he forces the five of them including Ben parents to help him find The Lost City of Gold. Originally left to die by Wilkinson and only able to escape because of him, Riley is pleasantly surprised at the return his Ferrari to him tax free by the President. He is also hinted at getting a girlfriend at the end of the second film, as he meets a girl who is fascinated by his book, shocking him (comically causing a large pile of books he is carrying to fall).


  • "Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?"
  • "It's surrounded by guards and video monitors and little families from Iowa and little kids on their eighth grade field trips."
  • "Still a little on-edge from being shot at but I'll be fine, thanks for asking."
  • "This is... huge. Prison... huge. You are gonna go to prison. You know that, right?" ... "Well... that would... bother most people."
  • "No, we didn't. We didn't miss it because... you don't know this? I know something about history that you don't know!" ... "Hold on one second, let me just take in this moment. This is cool. Is this how you feel all the time? Well, except now."
  • "It's a big blue-ish green man... with a strange-looking goatee... I'm guessing that's significant."
  • "When are we gonna get there? I'm hungry. This car smells weird."
  • "Yeah... the aliens helped them."
  • "Look... Stairs..."
  • "It took you all of two seconds to decide to steal the Declaration of Independence."
  • "Delicious jams and jellies?"
  • "Our evil plan is working."
  • "Okay, Ben, pay attention. I've brought you to the Library of Congress. Why? Because it's the biggest library in the world. Over 20 million books. And they're all saying the same exact thing: 'LISTEN to RILEY!'"
  • "Well, I'm no expert but... it could be that the hydrothermic properties of this region produce hurricane-force ice storms that cause the ocean to freeze and then melt and then refreeze, resulting in a semisolid migrating land mass that would land a ship right around here."
  • "Albuquerque. See, I can do it too. Snorkel."
  • "Ben..? The, uh, the mean D-Declaration lady is behind you..."
  • "I lost my feed, Ben. I don't know where anyone is. I have nothing. Ben, I have nothing. Get out of there. Get out of there now!"
  • "Why can't they just say, 'go to this place, here's the treasure, spend it wisely'?"
  • "Can I marry your brain?"
  • "So let's recap: We've broken into Buckingham Palace, and the Oval Office, stolen a page from the President's super-secret book, and actually kidnapped the President of the United States. What are we gonna do next, short-sheet the Pope's bed?"
  • "Oh look. My tax dollars at work, coming to arrest me."
  • "Death and despair! Mostly death. Uh, I mean a little despair, the last few seconds. But then a hard, sudden death."
  • "Uh-oh! God save the Queen!"
  • "Do you know what the taxes are on 5 million dollars? 6 million dollars."
  • "It's a little, golden man."
  • "Of course someone else is after the treasure. It's the axiom of treasure hunting."
  • "The President..? Which President? OUR President?!"
  • "The President's a tattle-tale!"

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