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Right Hand Guy is a Disney Channel pilot starring Steele Stebbins (of the Vacation film) as Jeff, a thirteen-year-old boy whose two best friends are a girl named Katie and his talking right hand, which has a mind of its own.

The creator, Dan Lagana, drew inspiration from Nickelodeon's Oobi television program while developing the concept.[1] Auditions began in April 2016, and the pilot was greenlighted by Disney in July 2016.[2] Filming will reportedly begin in September.[3]

Main Cast


  • Jonas Agin of Disney XD has described the pilot's style as a combination of "absurdist, laugh-out-loud comedy with endearing, emotional resonance."
  • The show was originally titled Right Handed Boy.
  • Disney Channel announced that It's a laugh productions will produce the series.




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