"Right By Your Side" is a love song from Fish Hooks in the episode Fish Prom. It was played neared the end of the episode when Bea didn't have anyone to dance with when she was abandoned by Steve Jackson by accident, she started to cry and went to the Hokey Poke. Oscar followed her and offered to have a dance with Bea to cheer her up. They danced happily together and Bea kissed Oscar in the cheek.


Swimming here in circles
Lost in thoughts of you
Picturing a moment
And wishing it were true

I thought that you were mine
But then you slipped away
And now I just want you to hear
These words I have to say

All I ever want to be
Is by your side

Caught up in the currents
My heart is sinking fast
Dropping like an anchor
Broken like a glass

Sunlight streams through water
But fades to darkest blue
Cause now I'm left here wondering
Just how I'll make it through

When all I ever want to be
Is by your side

Swimming here in circles
Hold me, oh so tight
There's no place I'd rather be
Than in your arms tonight

Let's leave the past behind
And dance beneath the stars
Then we'll laugh at why we took
So long to come this far

When all I ever want to be
Is by your side

...Right By Your Side...