Ridgewood High School
Ridgewood High School is the high school that Liv, Maddie and Joey attend. Their school's mascot is the Fighting Porcupine.


  • Principal Fickman is the school principal.
  • Pete Rooney is the school basketball coach.
  • Karen Rooney is the school psychologist.

Show History


  • Twin-A-Rooney
  • Team-A-Rooney

Known Students

  • Liv Rooney- 10th grade
  • Maddie Rooney- 10th grade
  • Joey Rooney- 9th grade
  • Diggie -  10th grade
  • Willow - 10th grade
  • Cassie
  • Stains
  • Ocean
  • Skippy Ramirez - 9th grade
  • Many unknown other students

Known Staff


  • The school's mascot is the Fighting Porcupine.
  • The Fighting Porcupine has its own statue in the school and appears on the back of the basketball team's uniform.