Reverend Leland Drury is the main antagonist of the 1994 film White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf. He is a religious crook who wants to collect gold for himself by forcing Lily Joseph's tribe out of their land by starving them.


When Henry sees many hungry people, Reverend explains the poor state the town is in. The same day, White Fang spots Lily's village, and when Lily sees him, she calls her uncle to show him that it was the wolf she'd seen by the river the day she found Henry. As Moses tries to get a closer look, White Fang is startled and runs away.

Jack, Peter and White Fang have to go back only to find themselves falling into a hole, which turns out to be the entrance to a mine. They discover Reverend Drury is behind the blockade, as he is running an illegal mining operation. They decide to steal some dynamite to clear the path, but along the way Henry spots the Reverend, and in anger over his betrayal tries to shoot him. Lily stays behind to give Henry time to escape, and she is captured by Leland's men. Henry escapes the mine, and White Fang defends him from the remaining miners while he sets the dynamite. The explosion clears the path and frees the animals.

Henry and White Fang go back to save Lily. As White Fang holds off Reverend Drury, Henry frees Lily, and they make to escape. The screw on the carriage comes loose, sending the carriage careening towards a cliff as the horses run off. Henry and Lily jump clear before they go over, and Reverend Drury catches onto the cliff edge. The Reverend is shocked to find the animals running free. Before he can do any more harm, he is stepped by the very animals he had imprisoned.