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"Retest" is the fifty-first episode overall and the thirtieth and final episode of the second season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Jerry and his siblings, Kelbo and Megan (Jerry revealed to the kids they have an aunt), need to retake the Wizard test that, in their teen years, determined who got to keep their powers. Unfortunately, Megan still has a grudge over Jerry, and nothing, neither the possibility of getting her powers back or her nephew's happiness can persuade her to redo the test. When Alex, Justin and Max see how competitive the contest gets, they realize the same test could eventually tear their family apart as well. Through the entire episode, each one of them gets compared to a relative (Max to Kelbo, Alex to Megan, Justin to their dad, and Harper to their mom). In the end, Justin says Alex is nothing like Megan, because Alex apologized and that's something Megan never learned to do.


  • Let's go visit our new aunt, take us to Paris, Texas – teleport to Paris
  • Love on the rocks, unpack the box-es – unpack boxes
  • Zoobaa zoobaa zoobaa, hey sister, go sister, Paris, Texas – teleport to Paris
  • Wewww – a spell used by Uncle Kelbo to teleport him and his fish


  • Jay Brian Winnick as Mr. McFly

Guest Stars

  • Jeff Garlin as Uncle Kelbo, Carrie Genzel as Aunt Megan


  • This episode originally aired on July 23, 2009 on Disney Channel Latin America, almost a month before it aired in the United States. This is the last episode to be broadcast in standard definition.

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