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"Rescue Aid Society" is a song sung in the 1977 film The Rescuers sung by the Chairmouse (Bernard Fox), Bernard (Bob Newhart) and Miss Bianca (Robie Lester, filling in for Eva Gabor), as well as the various international mouse delegates (the Disney Studio Chorus) during the R.A.S. meeting. A reprise of this plays when Bernard and Bianca begin to lose their faith after a near-fatal encounter with Madame Medusa, and are reminded of the song and its meaning, encouraging them to save Penny despite the odds.

A snippet of the song is heard in The Rescuers Down Under when the delegates are entering the headquarters for an emergency meeting regarding a kidnapping in Australia.


Rescue Aid Society
Heads held high, touch the sky
You mean everything to me

In a fix, in a bind
Call on us anytime
We'll appear from nowhere
Mighty are we

Rescue Aid Society
Honesty, loyalty
We pledge to thee

Rescue Aid Society
Heads held high, touch the sky
You mean everything to me

In a jam, in a scrape
And you think, "no escape"
Do not fear, we'll be here
Courageous are we

Rescue Aid Society
Heads held high, touch the sky
Our hearts we pledge to thee


  • Robie Lester filled in for Eva Gabor in this song as the role of Miss Bianca, but she was not credited.
  • The Mad Hatter & Sis make cameo appearances during this sequence, as mice dressed like them.

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