Reina is a character and antagonist from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


She is the girl who tries to take Cody away from Bailey. She is very sassy, and she tries to make every move she can to get Cody closer to her. Bailey shows anger and jealousy to Reina, and they end up getting in to a fight. Reina sits next to Donna, a character who is an extra, and has a couple of lines throughout the series. The fight between Bailey and Reina is started by Bailey. Woody finally ends the fight, and Bailey ends up cleaning it up. Reina has her spoon snapped in half after Bailey. Reina puts a dash of mint in her gazpacho, ending up getting an A+. She was the primary antagonist of the episode Kitchen Casanova.


  • She is only found outside of the classroom once.
  • She sweeps Cody off of his feet after Woody does to Bailey.
  • She calls Cody "Sir Chef".
  • She and the other girls in the class think he is not supposed to be there, and think of him weird.