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References to other Disney media in Disney films


References to other Disney media in Disney films

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If you are looking for visual references, go to List of cameos in Disney films.

The following is a list of references to other Disney media (such as the animated features) in Disney movies.

Animated features

The Lion King

Oliver & Company

Toy Story

  • During the climax, a cut into the family car shows that "Hakuna Matata" is playing on the radio inside.

Animated shorts


Donald's Dilemma

Man's Best Friend

Mickey's Fire Brigade

Pluto's Blue Note

The Riveter

  • Donald sings "Heigh Ho" as he first seen coming around the corner and notices the "Riveter Wanted" sign.

Soup's On

The Volunteer Worker

Live-action films

Beverly Hills Family Robinson

Muppet Treasure Island


  • When Julie Ford swallows toothpaste by mistake and it starts foaming, Fred Randall takes this as doing the "Old Yeller" impression.
Please, Pa! I don't want Yeller to die!
―Fred Randall, imitating Travis Coates

Yellowstone Cubs

Marvel Studios

Iron Man

  • A party was held at the Disney Concert Hall and Tony Stark attended.

Iron Man 2

  • The Stark Expo bears a strong resemblance to Epcot.
  • Howard Stark bears a great resemblance to Walt Disney himself.

The Avengers

  • A Lion King broadway poster can be seen in the background during the battle of New York.

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