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Reepyr is the human leader of the legendary Prophets Crew, controlled by Propheci (m). The Prophets once helped the original Dragon Booster, but they are now against him. Reepyr is being controlled by the orange draconium Control-class dragon Propheci, the lethal dragon leader of the Prophets.

Reepyr is used by Propheci until the Dragon Booster and his friends take on the challenge of the Track of Doom. It is then that Propheci decides to work together with humans and dragons, but Reepyr stays under Propheci’s influence. It is only later that Propheci decides to imprison Reepyr and the other human Prophets. Reepyr acts rather troubled, and will stop at nothing to cease the dangerous orange dragons from gaining control of Dragon City. Due to the nature of the Prophets Crew and the recent infighting among them, Reepyr and his crew have no representation on the Council of Twelve. Recently Reepyr has had some success uniting his crew and has imprisoned Propheci.

Reepyr has rather greenish skin, red hair and dark-colored eyes, and wears an orange suit. He is 17 years old and is 5'6" tall. His name is a pun of reaper, a name used to describe a killer.