Redux Riding Hood is an animated short film directed by Steve Moore[2] and produced by Disney in 1997[1] that received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film.[3]

The film was produced with cel animation and 2-D collage elements, a look developed by production designer John Kleber. From a set of four short/featurettes planned by Disney and MovieToons (to be titled "Totally Twisted Fairy Tales"), which was also to include "Jack in the Beanstalk", "The Three Little Pigs" and a fourth cartoon that was never finalized. The idea was to make a more adult short, by combining Disney artists and high-quality writers and their takes on classic fairy tales; however, only Redux Riding Hood was released, in animation festival showings.


Actor Role
Garrison Keillor The Narrator
Michael Richards The Wolf
Mia Farrow Doris
Lacey Chabert Red Riding Hood
June Foray Grandma
Fabio The Woodsman
Don Rickles The Boss
Jim Cummings Thompkins
Adam West Leonard Fox



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