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The Red Car Trolleys, known by their real names as the Pacific Electric Railway, are a fleet of trolleys seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit based on the real life trolley system of the same name.

In the film, they were purchased by Cloverleaf Industries so they could be dismantled. Judge Doom revealed at the end that he was the CEO of Cloverleaf, and would buy Toontown (if the will would not show up in the next 15 minutes). Then, using his Dip Machine, he would Dip Toontown away forever and build a freeway where it would have once stood. He would then force people to use the freeway by buying the trolleys, and dismantling them. After he was killed with his own Dip, it is unknown if the Pacific Electric Railway was freed from the hands of Cloverleaf, or was still owed by the company if someone else took over.

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