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Ready to read with pooh

Ready to Read with Pooh is the Disney interactive CD-ROM that helps youngsters ages three to six learn to read. There are nine activities in the game. When youngsters complete an activity successfully, they will receive a doily.


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West Woods

  • Pooh's Honey Pots
  • Piglet's Cabnets
  • Tiggers Don't Climb Trees

East Woods

  • Tigger's Bouncin' Boxes
  • Owl's Poetry
  • Detective Tigger

North Woods

  • Rabbit's Signs
  • Let's Pretend
  • Eeyore's Tattered Books

Rewards earned

  • Pooh's Honey Pots
    • Level 1: Welcome mat
    • Level 2: Area rug
    • Level 3: Flag
  • Piglet's Cabnets
    • Level 1: Pinwheel
    • Level 2: Top
    • Level 3: Yo-yo
  • Tiggers Don't Climb Trees
    • Level 1: Kite
    • Level 2: Windchime
    • Level 3: Rubber band plane
  • Tigger's Bouncin' Boxes
    • Level 1: Cookoo clock
    • Level 2: Jack-in-the-box
    • Level 3: Rocking chair
  • Owl's Poetry
    • Level 1: Xylophone
    • Level 2: Accordian
    • Level 3: Guitar
  • Detective Tigger
    • Level 1: Magnifying glass
    • Level 2: Fingerprint powder
    • Level 3: Bubble pipe
  • Rabbit's Signs
    • Level 1: Drum
    • Level 2: Noisemaker
    • Level 3: Gong
  • Let's Pretend
    • Level 1: Boomerang
    • Level 2: Alphabet blocks
    • Level 3: Puppet
  • Eeyore's Tattered Books
    • Level 1: Blue book
    • Level 2: Purple book
    • Level 3: Red book


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