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Rayna Cartflight is Maggie's best friend from The Buzz on Maggie. She is voiced by Cree Summer.

Life style


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Rayna is a pretty smart student at Buzzdale Academy.[2] She's also fashionable and very perky.[2] Unlike Maggie's selfish plans, Rayna's are nearly impossible to perform.


Rayna has a big pair of yellow cat-eye glasses, a horizontal-striped shirt and a green skirt. Her hair is dark blue.


Rayna's family is unknown, only her mother appears in a few episodes. It is unknown if she has any siblings.


Episodes Rayna did not appear in

  • Germy (Episode 3a)
  • The Price of Fame (Episode 5a)
  • Rottingmuck Ranch (Episode 6a)
  • Bella Con Carney (Episode 6b)
  • Bugsitting (Episode 7a)
  • The Big Score (Episode 12a)
  • Racooooon! (Episode 15a)
  • Roach Hotel (Episode 21b)


  • Her name is pronounced like reina, the Spanish word for queen.


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