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This article is about the character Raven from The Haunted Mansion. For other characters, see Raven (disambiguation).

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The Raven is a character from The Haunted Mansion and associated media. He appears throughout the attraction at many points.


The Raven was incorporated into the attraction as a reference to Edgar Allen Poe and was to serve as the attraction's narrator, being the physical form that the Ghost Host would take. Eventually, this was toned down to the Raven cawing and speaking in addition to an unseen Ghost Host narration, going as far as the Raven's voice being recorded for the Stretching Room ("Caw, Caw, he took the coward's way!") and the Conservatory (Caw! Caw! You've disturbed another guest!").

Ultimately, the Raven would just have no dialogue at all beyond his cawing.


The Haunted Mansion

The Raven appears in several rooms: The Conservatory, the Seance Room, the descent from the Attic in the trees and above the crypt of the Hitchhiking Ghosts. With his appearance in the conservatory, fans often associate the Raven as belonging to Madame Leota.

Phantom Manor

The Raven appears in the Music Room, the Seance Room, the Ballroom, the Graveyard and in Phantom Canyon.

The Haunted Mansion (2003 film)

The Raven appears in several scenes of the film, watching the Evers when they enter the house, and appearing in the Seance room by Leota's crystal ball when Ramsley looks into it to spy on Jim.


The raven as seen in the film

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