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Ratface is a villain in Disney comics and the servant of Magica De Spell, able to communicate with his mistress and to assist her in her hunt for Scrooge McDuck's Old Number One.


Ratface made his comic debut in The Unsafe Safe (1962), written and drawn by Carl Barks. In early appearances, the raven is still unnamed and assists Magica alongside other animals, such as cats and spiders. However, Ratface soon became Magica's only assistant, and still frequently appears in comics.


Ratface is a non-anthropomorphized black raven, who, quite notably, has the ability to speak with his mistress. In some stories, rather than speaking, his thoughts can be read, allowing him to give his opinion on Magica's evil plans or to go in conversation with Magica herself.


Ratface's relatives include:

  • His parents and siblings from Amelia e lo sciopero del corvo (1994)
  • His actor cousin Croccantino from Amelia, Gennarino e un attore per cugino (2006)


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