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The Comic Duet consists of a thin lizard and a fat frog, who had a brief role in The Great Mouse Detective. They worked at The Rat Trap, before being thrown out by its patrons.


Unknown, but some good guesses can be made simply from their job and where they work. Like the other male artists in the show, they were not appreciated by the patrons.

Role in the film

Disguised as sailors to find Ratigan's repair, Basil and Dr. Dawson are present at the Rat Trap to find information. At this moment, the juggler does his performance, only to be appreciated by Dawson, but was chased out with knives and rotten food by the patrons. He was then replaced by this comic pair, who were immediately chased, in the same way, by the aggressive patrons, who become softer when Miss Kitty Mouse appeared in the show.

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