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Radio Disney Group, LLC[1] is a soon to be defunct Delaware limited liability company that owns and operates 15 radio stations in 13 states. Radio Disney Group is owned by the Disney–ABC Television Group[2][3] and the headquarters are located in New York City, New York.


The company was founded in July 30, 2003[1] by the ABC Radio Networks, a former subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

In the sale of the ABC Radio Networks to Citadel Broadcasting (in 2007), the Radio Disney Network and their owned-and-operated radio stations are not included[4] (among which, Radio Disney Group owned the majority of the owned-and-operated affiliates).

In 2010, Radio Disney Group was started to sell their stations located outside of the 25 largest radio markets. The majority of the stations have gone silent, while others changed their format or maintained their regular format. On August 17, 2014, It was announced that Radio Disney will be selling off all of their stations (the majority owned by Radio Disney Group) except KDIS (owned on or before September 26, 2014) to focus on the digital XM radio and livestream radio (such as on TuneIn).[5][6][7] While the stations were, originally, to sign off on September 26, the stations will remain on the air and continue carrying Radio Disney programming until they are sold.[8]


Current owned and operated stations

Callsign Frequency City of license Broadcast area Affiliation
KMIK1 1580 Tempe, Arizona Phoenix metropolitan area Radio Disney
KDDZ1 1690 Arvada, Colorado Denver metropolitan area Radio Disney
WMYM1 990 Miami, Florida Miami metropolitan area Radio Disney
WDYZ1 990 Orlando, Florida Greater Orlando Radio Disney
WWMI1 1380 St. Petersburg, Florida Tampa Bay Area Radio Disney
WSDZ1 1260 Belleville, Illinois Greater St. Louis Radio Disney
WRDZ-FM1 98.3 Plainfield, Indiana Indianapolis metropolitan area Radio Disney
WMKI1 1260 Boston, Massachusetts Greater Boston Radio Disney
WFDF1 910 Farmington Hills, Michigan Metro Detroit, Flint and The Thumb Radio Disney
WWJZ1 640 Mount Holly, New Jersey Delaware Valley Radio Disney
WGFY1 1480 Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte metropolitan area Radio Disney
WWMK1 1260 Cleveland, Ohio Greater Cleveland Radio Disney
KDZR1 1640 Lake Oswego, Oregon Portland metropolitan area Radio Disney
KMIC1 1590 Houston, Texas Greater Houston Radio Disney
KWDZ1 910 Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Lake City metropolitan area N/A


  • 1 Sale pending.

Former owned and operated stations

Callsign[9] Frequency City of license Broadcast area Comments
WQUA1 102.1 Citronelle, Alabama Mobile metropolitan area Sold in 2005;[10] non-commercial station owned by the Family Worship Center Church, Inc.
KDIS-FM1 99.5 Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Sold in 2013;[11][12] station owned by the Salem Communications.
KIID 1470 Sacramento, California Sacramento metropolitan area In 2007, the station was transferred to Radio Disney Sacramento, LLC, another subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company related to Radio Disney.
WDZK1 1550 Bloomfield, Connecticut Greater Hartford Sold in 2010; station owned by Blount Communications.
WBWL1 600 Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville metropolitan area Sold in 2010;[13] station owned by the Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation.
WMNE1 1600 Riviera Beach, Florida Miami metropolitan area Sold in 2010; station owned by Travis Media.
KQAM1 1480 Wichita, Kansas Wichita metropolitan area Sold in 2009;[14] station owned by Steckline Communications.
WDRD1 2 680 Newburg, Kentucky Louisville metropolitan area Sold in 2010;[15] station owned by UB Louisville, LLC.
WBYU1 1450 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans metropolitan area Station was shut down in October 3, 2012.[16]
KPHN1 1190 Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City metropolitan area Sold in 2014,[17] station owned by the Catholic Radio Network.
KALY1 1240 Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque metropolitan area Sold in 2010;[18] station currently owned by KD Radio, Inc.
WDDY1 1460 Albany, New York Capital District Sold in 2013;[12] station owned by Pax et Bonum, Inc.
WFRO2 900 Fremont, Ohio Sandusky County, Ohio Station was shut down in June 23, 2004.[19]
KMUS1 1380 Sperry, Oklahoma Tulsa metropolitan area Sold in 2011;[20] spanish-language station owned by Radio Las Americas, LLC.
KKSL3 1290 Lake Oswego, Oregon Portland metropolitan area The license was cancelled on February 23, 2006.[21] Under the Disney ownership, the station was operated by Crawford Broadcasting under Local marketing agreement.[22][23]
WDDZ1 550 Pawtucket, Rhode Island Providence metropolitan area Sold in 2010;[24] station currently owned by Starboard Broadcasting.
WWCS1 540 Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh metropolitan area Station owned by Birach Broadcasting Corporation but operated by Radio Disney Group under Time brokerage agreement;[25] the agreement expired on December 31, 2010 and Disney flipped the Radio Disney affiliation to WEAE.[26][27]
KRDY1 1160 San Antonio, Texas Greater San Antonio Sold in 2013;[12] station owned by Salem Communications.
WHKT1 1650 Portsmouth, Virginia Hampton Roads Sold in 2010; station owned by the Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation.
WRJR3 1010 Portsmouth, Virginia Hampton Roads Sold in 2010; station owned by the Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation. Under the Disney ownership, Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting operated the station under Local marketing agreement.[28]
WDZY1 1290 Colonial Heights, Virginia Greater Richmond Region Sold in 2013;[29] station owned by the Richmond Christian Radio Corporation.
WKSH1 1640 Sussex, Wisconsin Milwaukee metropolitan area Sold in 2014;[30] station owned by Starboard Broadcasting.


  • 1 Former Radio Disney Owned-and-operated station.
  • 2 Former ESPN Radio Owned-and-operated station.
  • 3 Former Disney independent radio station.

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