Radio is a vacuum tube-based dial-meter radio who appears in the film The Brave Little Toaster and the two sequels. Unlike his appliance companions, he is the only character who lacks an anthropomorphic face, except that his yellow dial with its red pointer is possibly his eye and that his speaker is possibly his (immobile) mouth.


Radio is prone to exaggeration and boasting. Also, he often narrates his own adventures in a rather over dramatic style. He sometimes does radio-talking from early 20th century radio announcers, and he repeats major references referring to that era.


Radio seems to get along with the other appliances in the first movie except for Kirby, until near the very end. In the film's sequels, Radio helps out his fellow appliances whenever they need it. He can be heard broadcasting minor events that occur or playing music from different stations.


  • The Radio bears some resemblance to Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • There is a cameo of Radio and friends in the series The Oz Kids in the episode "Christmas in Oz".
  • Radio was the first character in the original film to speak (though the second one proven "alive" via movement after the rudely awakened Lampy) with a morning announcement, referenced later in the same movie to be "6 as usual".
    • Considering that the Master left them behind as a little kid, it is most likely that 6 AM was the time that boy had to get up and get ready for school in the morning.


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