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"Racing" is the twenty-fifth episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


Alex has developed a crush on Dean, a "gear head" type of guy. To gain his attention, she asks if Dean can fix up an old junk car of Jerry's. Dean not only fixes the car, but enters it in an upcoming race of classic cars at Paramus. Alex is dissatisfied, and uses a worthless mail-order product of Max's to teleport inside the car during the race. Unfortunately, the teleportation causes Dean to lose consciousness, resulting in a near-crash of the car. When Dean comes to, Alex talks to him and finds out that he likes her as well. In the end they drive into a massive sloppy joe.

Magical objects:

  • The Transport Stick – transportes the user at one meter's distance. Warning! When the transport stick is used, everybody around gets knocked out.
  • Mind Reading Tube – gives the user the ability to read someone's thoughts when tube is in physical contact with another person.

Co-stars: Jack Sanderson as Race MC, Zack Shada as Joey

Guest stars: Daniel Samonas as Dean Moriarty, Dan Benson as Zeke

Notes: This is the only episode of the series to broadcast a live-action scene (the scene with Alex coming to Dean's car window).

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