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Rachel Ashe is a character from Beverly Hills Chihuahua and its sequels. She is Vivian Ashe's niece, Sam Cortez's wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Cortez's daughter-in-law. She is a former dishwasher who now works as a sous-chef at the Langham Hotel.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Rachel is first seen arriving at her Aunt Vivian's mansion in Beverly Hills. She asks her aunt's pet Chihuahua, Chloe to find her but the selfish, spoiled dog just ignores her and barks at her since she despises the fact that Rachel is an irresponsible person who can't keep a job; making Rachel consider her useless.

When her aunt's schedule seems so tight and she can't take Chloe with her to Europe for four days (since Chloe hates Berlin according to Vivian), Rachel is left responsible for Chloe during her absence; much to Rachel's reluctance and objection. Later, Rachel is seen with her friends at the pool; expressing her dislike for Chloe's behavior as bossy, spoiled, arrogant, and manipulative and the chores concerning Chloe she was left by her aunt according to the schedule like shiatsu massages, doggy birthday parties, couture fittings, and four times outfit changes per day.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

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