This is how the Rabbit costumes have changed over the years in the parks.

Picture Year Description
1965 - 1970s

The first Rabbit costume had a large head, a brown nose, a tongue, and a blue bandana. He is also seen carrying Piglet, allowing the performer inside the suit to control him as well with his hand.

A version of the costume where Rabbit isn't carrying Piglet and his hands are free was also made.

Disney on Parade Rabbit's head shrinks and his ears point upward. He somewhat resembles his animated counterpart albeit with five fingers on his hands.
1989 - 2004 This version of Rabbit gets a re-sculpted lemon-like head. He has black eyebrows and eyelashes which give him an exhausted look, and his ears face backward.

There were past times Rabbit had his ears drooping downward.

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2004 - present The current one almost looks accurate to his animated versions. His eyes are a bit thinner and far apart and his nose and muzzle are now rounded.