ROAAAR is a 2-page comic inspired by The Lion King.


ROAAR begins with Simba during his self-exile from the Pride Lands. Timon and Simba are relaxing themselves until they hear Scar roaring loudly. Timon complains to Simba about it, but Simba tells Timon that Scar does that to prove how strong he is. Timon believes this, and tries to roar at Scar. Simba compliments Timon's roaring, but Timon claims it isn't because he isn't a lion.

Timon comes up with a plan to have Simba roar louder than Scar, although the cub states he's not old enough to roar as loud as Scar. Timon tells Simba that they'll use the ravine to echo Simba's roar and make it louder than it really is. Timon instructs Simba that when he waves his arm, he must roar as loud as he can. Timon confronts Scar, and waves his arm signaling for Simba to roar. When Scar hears the loud roar, he runs off. Simba asks Timon if the roar really came from him to which Timon replies it did, but with some help from the ravine.

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Images Edit

The following images are the two pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.


  • This comic contradicts The Lion King and The Lion King II as Timon claims he never met Scar when Kovu was teaching Kiara how to hunt, and Timon, assumingly, never heard of Scar until Simba was an adult.
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