RBNA: Nervonians (rough translation of PBNA: Nervoniani) is a Red Bat comic story that parodies the PKNA comic series.


Fethry Duck tries to relax at "Trash Tower" (actually just the Red Bat's typical trashcan) when he's alerted by Eleven (a crazy Uno lookalike with his face in a bottle) about an attack of the Nervonians (parodying the Evronians). Fethry turns into the Red Bat but punches Eleven for giving him the wrong mask, then he rides his wrecked "Batcar" but is stopped first by a transit officer and then by the Harrower (like the Raider but instead of time traveling, he wastes the Red Bat's time with trivial conversation).

When the Red Bat reaches the Nervonians, they use their technique to get into his nerves, first making faces, then saying their father is better than the Red Bat's one (which the Red Bat just dismisses by saying his uncle is richer), and telling hi they completed a figurine collection and he didn't. The Nervonians actually get into his nerves by mentioning the Duck Avenger has a better comic titled PKNA with 80 colored pages and thousands of fans. This gets the Red Bat so angry that he easily defeats the Nervonians. Then a kiwi (the fruit, unlike Angus Fangus who is a kiwi bird) arrives to interview the Red Bat.