Quintessential Disney: A Pop-Up Gallery of Classic Disney Moments is a 2005 book featuring pop-up versions of memorable moments from classic Disney films.


Amidst the general magic and wonder of the animated Disney movies, there are moments that stick with us and come to define the movies they're drawn from. They are the moments that dazzle us with their beauty and their meaning. Now, Quintessential Disney presents five of these iconic moments in all their wonder in a sophisticated three-dimensional presentation.Author Robert Tieman will select five pieces of original art from some of Disney's most classic films. Each piece of art will then be crafted into an elegant pop-up piece, suitable for display. These pop-ups will be contained in a case that opens at the center, so that the book frames the three-dimensional rendering for viewing. Intended for an adult audience, the pop-ups contained within Quintessential Disney will not only focus on classic Disney films, but also will be visually and structurally elaborate to fascinate even the most sophisticated Disney fan.