Questions! / Answers? was a short lived live-action educational television series originally produced in the 1970s by Walt Disney Educational. The series dealt with many moral topics and it experted many sequences from various live-action Disney films. This was a ten film series.



  • Alcoholism: Who Gets Hurt? (October). A child is facing alcoholism of his parents. Includes excerpts from Follow Me, Boys!
  • Love and Duty: Which Comes First?(October). On the notion of loyalty, duty and love. Includes excerpts from True Vagabond
  • Responsibility: What are its Limits? (October). Personal responsibility
  • Stepparents: Where Is the Love? (November). On adoptive families
  • Optimist/Pessimist: Which Are You? (November)


  • Death: How Can You Live with It? (July), a boy learns to accept the death of her grandfather. Includes excerpts from Napoleon and Samantha
  • Your Career: Your Decision? (July), a girl wants to be a ballerina against the advice of her mother. Includes excerpts from Ballerina
  • Prejudice: Hatred or Ignorance. A young man tries to overcome prejudice. Includes excerpts from The Light in the Forest
  • Being Right: Can You Still Lose?
  • Ambition: What Price Fulfillment?
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