"Quest for the Crystal Mickey!" is an episode from the fourth season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which aired on Disney Junior on March 8, 2013.

It was released on DVD on May 21, 2013, along with four other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, "Donald of the Desert", "Donald the Genie", "Goofy's Coconutty Monkey" and "Goofy's Giant Adventure".


That greedy guy, Plunderin' Pete, has snatched the legendary Crystal Mickey statue from the Clubhouse. What's worse, without the magic of the Crystal Mickey, the Clubhouse starts to sink into the ground, never to be seen again. The pals have to get that statue back, and a nail-biting, high-stakes adventure like this requires an extraordinary hero to lead the way, namely, Kansas City Mickey. With K.C. Mickey in charge, not even Plunderin' Pete's trickiest traps can stop us recovering the Crystal Mickey and getting it back in time to save the Clubhouse.




  • At the end of this episode, Toodles once again joins the gang in the hot dog dance at the end, but after Mickey thanks the viewers, he stays in the mouskadoer instead of leaving the clubhouse with his friends, like the episodes from Seasons 1-3.
  • Mickey's nickname, "Kansas City Mickey", might be a reference to Mickey's creator, Walt Disney living in Kansas City.
  • The Title Episode plays the Cave of Crystal Skull, an Indiana Jones movie where the episode is based.

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