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Enchanted Queen Narissa 01
Queen Narissa
Background information
Feature films Enchanted
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Susan Sarandon
Animators Andreas Deja
Sandro Cleuzo
Voice Susan Sarandon
Performance model Susan Sarandon
Inspiration The Evil Queen
Lady Tremaine
Cruella De Vil
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Vain, dark, gothic, murderous, manipulative, truly evil, selfish, devilish, ruthless
Appearance Slender, beautiful, fair skin, rosy cheeks, red lips, black hair with curly strands, brown eyes, teal eyelids
(in her Queen form): Purple off-the-shoulder dress with a heart-shaped neckline (that shows her breast cleavage), long sleeves, high matching collar with black hem, and black lining from her breasts to the very bottom of her skirt, both black Gothic-style shawl and gloves, silver tiara
(in her hag form): White hair, careworn face, black robe, 60s
Occupation Queen of Andalasia (formerly)
Alignment Evil
Affiliations Disney Villains
Goal To continue ruling Andalasia and stop Giselle from fiding her love;

To keep her stepson from marrying anyone in order to remain queen, even if it means to kill Giselle

Home Andalasia
Relatives Prince Edward (stepson)
Minions Nathaniel (formerly)
Enemies Prince Edward, Nathaniel, Giselle, Robert Philip, Morgan Philip, Nancy Tremaine, Pip
Likes Being Queen, ruling her kingdom, mayhem, discord, chaos, evil
Dislikes Giselle, opposition, love, heroes defeating her minions, Nathaniel failing her
Powers and abilities Shapeshifting
Dark Magic
Water Communication
screams loud enough to shatter glass
Weapons Her magic, Sword (temporarily)
Fate Falls off from the Woolworth Building and dies in her dragon form.
Quote "Speciosus, formosus, praeclarus!"

Queen Narissa is the main antagonist from Disney's 2007 feature hybrid film Enchanted. She is both portrayed and voiced by Susan Sarandon.


Queen Narissa was created to be similar to 3 famous Disney Villains - Queen Grimhilde, Maleficent, and Lady Tremaine. She utilizes the Queen's hag disguise, takes on a dragon form similar to Maleficent and has Lady Tremaine's role as an evil stepmother. Overall the villains all share the same basic role and personality.


Narissa was given the best and worst traits of The Queen, Lady Tremaine, and Maleficent. She is beautiful, vindictive, cunning, powerful, ruthless, and full of black magic.

Powers and Abilities

Queen Narissa is very knowledgable in different areas of black magic, such as but not limited to: Shape-shifting which she can do by saying the phrase "Speciosus, formosus, praeclarus!" , electrokinesis, water communication (which she not only can do through water but other forms of liquids such as soup and alcohol). She also has the power to see where anyone is in the world (Andalsia and the real world). She is also capable of preparing different magical spells as she made poisoned apples.

Role in the film

Narissa first appears hoping that she will not see the day when her stepson Prince Edward finds a perfect bride, but he eventually falls in love with a girl named Giselle. Knowing that Edward will be crowned King upon his marriage and replace her as the monarch, Narissa vows to stop at nothing to destroy the girl. Hours before the wedding, she appears in a hag form and tricks Giselle into falling down a fountain that leads to New York City in the real world.

Narissa later sends her devoted minion Nathaniel to New York to kill Giselle with a poison apple. When Nathaniel fails, Narissa goes to New York herself to finish the job. She goes to the City's ball celebration and convinces Giselle to eat the apple, telling her that one bite will erase her sorrowful memories of New York. Everyone, including the fully realized Nathaniel, confronts Narissa and Giselle is awoken by a kiss from her true love Robert.

In rage, Narissa turns into a fire breathing dragon and the film's battle begins. Narissa takes Robert to the top of the Woolworth Building and Giselle fights Narissa to save him. Giselle and Robert seem doomed until Giselle's best chipmunk friend Pip comes; due to him being overweight, he manages to break the spyre that Narissa is standing on and causes her to drop Robert. Narissa then falls to an explosive death while Giselle, Robert, and Pip stay safe on the top of the Woolworth Building.


  • Queen Narissa's plan to send Giselle to the "real world" so she won't have a happy ending, is similar to Queen Regina's (who is based off Queen Grimhilde just like Narissa) plan to send all of The Enchanted Forest to the "real world" so none of them have happy endings except her.
  • Queen Narissa is the only Disney villain to date have a step-son (Prince Edward).
  • Queen Narissa shares a resemblance to that of Maleficient (which both were almost same alike and transform into dragons during the final fight). Also, her witch form bears a surprising resemblance to The Evil Queen as a witch. She also looks slightly similar to Cruella De Vil.
  • She also shares a namesake with the former guardian villain of W.i.t.c.h (a Disney show)


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