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Pyrrah is a character and antagonist in the TV series Dragon Booster. She is the fiery leader of the dangerous Down City Dragon Flares Crew and represents them on the Council of Twelve. Her dragon, Phorrj, is a red draconium Magma-class dragon with the same temperamental attitude as his rider.

She is voiced by Nicole Oliver.


Pyrrah is one to be reckoned with. She is rather fair and does not play dirty, sometimes being temperamental, but thus far, most of the times we have seen Pyrrah, she is unwittingly being used by Word Paynn in one way or another (in "Into the Fire", Word takes control of her with a black mind control pod to try and seize Artha Penn's dragon). As a result, the series has yet to show what her "true colors" are and whether she is friend, foe, or neutral to the Dragon Booster's cause. She uses a strange weapon (many have dubbed it a "fire axe" because of the resemblance) that generates red draconium energy and has a little brother named Sparkk. On the many occasions that Moordryd manages to divide the council against itself, Pyrrah has sided with him.</p>


Pyrrah wears a purple suit and a red coat with a flame design. She has grayish-purple eyes and flaring red hair. She’s 17 years old and her height is 5'5".

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