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Pucca Korean ({{ 뿌까 Ppukka), is a South Korean animated television series based on a series of shorts created by Vooz Character System. The series revolves around 10-year-old Pucca, a young girl who's in love and obsessed with a 12-year-old ninja named Garu. It also airs currently on Champ Vision and MBC in Korea. Internationally, the series has aired on Disney XD in the United States, Europe, and other locales on the Disney XD channel.

Actor Character
Tabitha St. Germain


Ring Ring

Brian Drummond Garu
Brian Dobson Uncle Dumpling
Michael Dobson Ho
Dale "Fish" Wilson Linguini
Lee Tockar



Policeman Bruce


Chantal Strand Ching
Kathleen Barr Doga


French Tickner Santa
Richard Newman Master Soo
Dave "Squatch" Ward Muji


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