This article is about the antagonists from The Good Dinosaur. For the character from Gravity Falls, see Pterodactyl.

The Pterodactyls are a group of nasty scavengers hailing from various species of pterosaur, all named after a storm aspect. They are the secondary antagonists of the 2015 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, The Good Dinosaur.


Official Description

"The Pterodactyls are a search-and-"rescue" team of five. They like to sit back and let the often-treacherous storms in this part of the world do their dirty work, then reap the benefits of the devastation. But when these flying hunter-scavengers set their sights on Spot and Arlo, they’re in for a big surprise."[1]



Thunderclap is the leader of the gang, a purple Nyctosaurus. While all of them work together for food, he asserts his position over the others when they fight over prey.


Downpour (Mandy Freund) is a Caulkicephalus. Her crest is curved inwards, unlike the crests of her comrades. She is the only female of the gang.


Coldfront (Steven Clay Hunter) is a Ludodactylus. His gray crest curves upwards and is distinguished by his pink neck.


Frostbite is a Ludodactylus and (possibly) brother of Coldfront, however, his crest is purple with sharper edges similar to a triangle.


Windgust is a Guidraco. He has an ovular crest smaller than the others but has the thickest beak and neck.


The Good Dinosaur

After an Apatosaurus named Arlo is stranded far away from his home, the Pterosaurs encounter him while looking for prey following a deadly storm. Thunderclap and the other Pterosaurs introduce themselves under the claim that they are a rescue patrol and agree to help him find his way back. However, they quickly reveal their carnivorous nature and detect that Arlo has something accompanying him and pressure him into revealing where his acquaintance is. While Arlo tricks Downpour and Coldfront to look for it, Arlo escapes with his human Spot and runs from the Pterosaurs. The Pterosaurs are hot on their trail until they run into two young Tyrannosauruses named Nash and Ramsey, who scare the group away.

When the two return to the mountains, the Pterosaurs encircle them like sharks and attack Arlo, managing to kidnap Spot and push Arlo off a cliff while he is distracted. Spot escapes their grasp briefly and hides inside a stump at the river while the Pterosaurs try to claw him out. Arlo arrives and knocks them into the water, using a falling tree to knock two of them in, where they ride helplessly downstream. It is unknown what became of them afterward.


  • Caulkicephalus (Downpour), Ludodactylus (Coldront and Frostbite), and Guidraco (Windgust) are all correctly portrayed with teeth, which they indeed have in real life, unlike Nyctosaurus (Thunderclap). They are, however, also all portrayed as having strong feet and bird of prey-like talons, which all Pterosaurs lack as a whole all together in real-life.



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