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"Proud to Be a Dog" is the closing number to Teacher's Pet: The Movie, where Spot realizes that his real destiny is to be a dog. It's a reprise of "I Wanna Be a Boy".


Spot: Back down the south end of the leash is where my place is

Houses: Chasing balls and licking faces

Spot: a simple mutt living a dogs life. Now I'm in the thrall of natures call, it's my destiny to be man's best friend

Hydrant: And to bite your own rear end

Spot: And so it's bye bye to species second guessing, this Rover's learned his lesson.

I'm proud to be a dog!!!

Dogs: The freedom fido that can't be denied

Spot: I'm glad to be a dog

Dogs: A dog and nothing but a

Blue Fairy: Dogs what he must be

Spot: I'll be spot-on

Chorus: with his pants back on

Spot: because at last I see, that a tree needs a log

Leonard: And a sow needs a hog

Spot: Just like London needs fog

Leonard: or a princess a frog

Spot: Well a friend needs a friend, a road needs a bend, a film needs an end

Everyone: A boy needs a dog! needs a boy, needs a dog, needs a boy, needs a dog, needs a boy, needs a dog, boy, dog, boy, dog-boy-dog-boy-dog-boy-dog-boy-dog!!!

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