The real leader of the Prophets Crew is the deceptive Propheci. Propheci is labyrinthine and insincere, and his human was Reepyr, human leader of the Prophets.

Though his words are harsh and devious, Propheci can be rather wise. He is a black-hearted dragon and wanted the Dragon Booster destroyed to prevent humans from controlling the dragons. Propheci is known to be extremely untrustworthy and very cunning. He is one dragon that shouldn't be taken too lightly or you might face some surprises. After Artha proved that humans and dragons can work together, he decided that he did not want to lose the control that his dragons had, and thus imprisoned Reepyr and his kin's riders in ancient and indestructible metal prisons within the lost Track of Doom. However, with the help of the Dragon Booster, Reepyr escaped and caused the Track of Doom to become unstable, sealing them in. At one time, Propheci controlled Mortis, and used him to attack Artha. In 'When Opposites Attract' Propheci took control of Stewardd.

Propheci is bipedal dragon with a blue and orange design and a visible brain, similar in appearance to a T. rex or an Allosaurus. His name is a play-on of the word prophecy which is an omen.