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The Prom Soundtrack is a collection of the songs from the movie. Pop band Allstar Weekend's song "Not Your Birthday" was used to promote the film. It was later included in iPhone/iPod app Tap Tap Revenge 4 as a free soundtrack song. Additionally, Katy Perry's "Firework" was used in the trailer of the film and during the actual prom scene of the film. Example's "Kickstarts" also plays in the film's trailers. The soundtrack was released under Disney's Hollywood Records label, three days before the film's premiere date.

Track listing

  1. "I'll Be Yours" - Those Dancing Days - 3:22
  2. "Your Surrender (Remix)" - Neon Trees - 4:15
  3. "We'll Be Alright" - Travie McCoy - 3:18
  4. "Not Your Birthday (Movie Version)" Allstar Weekend - 3:25
  5. "Time Stand" - Moon - 3:04
  6. "Dreams" - Passion Pit - 4:18
  7. "Please Speak Well of Me" - The Weepies - 2:33
  8. "We Could Be Anything" - Nolan Sotillo - 4:11
  9. "In Deep" - Shere - 3:17
  10. "Prettiest Thing" - Oh Darling - 3:20
  11. "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" - Simple Plan - 3:20
  12. "Come On, Let's Go" - Girl in a Coma - 2:06
  13. "Almost There" - Lauren Hillman - 2:12
  14. "Impossible" - Shout Out Louds - 3:51
  15. "Stick Hippo" - Stick Hippo - 2:12
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