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Project DisneyWiki: Live-Action TV is a project to have all the live-action stuff on as time goes on. The project was founded on April 14, 2012 by Isabella and Lego Liker. The project will focus on adding the following:

  • Episodes
  • Characters
  • Songs
  • Locations
  • Other (DVD releases, movies from that series, etc.)

Who is in

If you want to join, add your name here!

  1. Perrystar2272
  2. Buunak
  3. amyrose29
  4. P&I4EVAH!
  5. Sstonk
  6. Fansdisney
  7. JayTehSpongetta
  8. Heeha
  9. The CoroWhovian
  10. Crazybob2014

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