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Professor Pete is a Cat NPC in Toontown. He is located in the Toontown Central in the Toontown Central Playground.


  • Visit Professor Pete (Toontown Schoolhouse, Toontown Central Playground)
  • Recover 5 Cog Gears from Level 2+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  • Return to Professor Pete
  • Deliver a Gear Report to any HQ Officer (Toon HQ, Anywhere)
Reward: 1+ Laff

Also, upon reaching Donald's Dock, toons will be given Delivery Toontasks by delivering a specific gag to him. These are short and simple toontasks for the easy-taskgoers.

Reward: Gag Track Training Films (Donald's Dock)

As every shopkeeper does also gives out Just For Fun and Gag Training.


  • Pete's SOS is unique; it will restock Gags in all Gag Tracks that are Level 1-6

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