To play a simple tune, you will have to use four horns of different lengths.
―Professor Owl

Professor Owl is a blue owl and schoolteacher from two Disney animated shorts--Melody and Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, and later host of Disney Sing Along Songs.


Disney Sing Along Songs

Utilizing archive footage from the original shorts (as well as specially shot footage), Professor Owl would become the host of the early videos in the Sing Along Songs series, leading his classroom in the theme song of the video series in addition to his various transition segments. As the series went on, Professor Owl was phased out as the host of the videos, instead only appearing at the beginning to introduce either Jiminy Cricket or Ludwig Von Drake as the video's host.

House of Mouse

Professor Owl can be seen in the opening sequence to House of Mouse as well as in the episodes "Where's Minnie?" and "Ask Von Drake".