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Professor Crumbs is the former headmaster of WizTech in Wizards of Waverly Place.

Role in the series

Season 1

Professor Crumbs is tricked by Dr. Evilini into having his hands tied so he is unable to use his powers. Professor Crumbs tells Alex how she can save Justin from getting his powers drained.

In "Report Card", Professor Crumbs is mad at Alex when she does not return her signed report card and lies about it. He takes away her powers when he learns that she turned her parents into guinea pigs, but returns them at the end of the episode when he sees that Justin will watch over her.

Season 2

In "Saving WizTech, Part 1", Max gives Professor Crumbs a magic jogging suit that shocks people.

In "Saving WizTech, Part 2", Professor Crumbs tells Justin that in order for Alex to break the spell that brings back evil, then Alex must be in love.

Season 3

In "Wizards Exposed", Professor Crumbs, Chancellor Tootietootie, Mason, and all the other wizards are captured by Agent Lamwood.

Season 4

In "Alex Tells the World", Professor Crumbs reveals that the entire government agency was a test and Alex and Justin both failed. He demotes them back to level one in their families' wizard competition.

In "Back to Max", Alex and Justin accidentally turn Professor Crumbs into a 12 year boy when they try to keep him from finding Max as a girl. Professor Crumbs is changed back again, and tells Max that Alex and Justin are great with magic.

In "Justin's Back In", Professor Crumbs brags about how "extrordinary" Justin is and puts him back in the wizard competion when Justin's class of delinquent wizards gets back into WizTech.

In "Get Along, Little Zombie", Professor Crumbs examines Felix's broken wand and tells him that it is a fake and someone switched it. Felix and Justin tell Professor Crumbs about the secret 13th floor at the Windsor, only for him to reveal that he has never heard of it. He tells everyone to evacuate it, but it is too late.

In "Wizards vs. Everything", Gorog takes control over Felix and has him capture Professor Crumbs, Mason, Hugh, Abercrombie Zombie, and the Ogre. Professor Crumbs is the only hostage that does not fall for Gorog's curse, and soon escapes with the help of Max and Harper. Professor Crumbs thinks he told Harper of wizardry so he tells her not to tell anyone. Professor Crumbs helps Alex, Justin, and Max save everyone from Gorog.

In "Who Will be the Family Wizard", Professor Crumbs watches the Russo wizard competion, and makes Alex the family wizard. Professor Crumbs announces that he is retiring from WizTech, and he gives Justin his powers back and makes him the new headmaster.

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