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Principal Powers is a minor character in the 2005 film Sky High. She is a former superheroine, and the current principal of Sky High School.



Powers seems to be quite calm and collected, not getting too angry when Will Stronghold and Warren Peace nearly destroyed the cafeteria.

Powers and Abilities

Powers has the ability to transform herself into a comet. By spinning around at incredible speeds, she can turn into a comet and fly to wherever she desires.


  • "What a waste. I can't do anything more to help you. I'm not Wonder Woman, you know."
  • "Once again the cafeteria staff would like to remind the sidekicks to *stop* ordering hero sandwiches."
  • "There is no smoking on school grounds. Or freezing, or bursting into flames."
  • "Comets away!"


  • Lynda Carter's quote "What a waste. I can't do anything more to help you. I'm not Wonder Woman, you know." was actually a joking reference due to the fact that she played the role of Wonder Woman on television during the 1970s.


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