Principal Larry is the principal at Middleburg Central High and Rippen's part-time minion.



Larry is bubbly, talkative, and friendly. With no truly evil desires, Larry just likes getting to be with Rippen while having a good time. Whether helping Rippen with something diabolical or not, he usually treats others, even his enemies, very kindly. He enjoys talking about himself and pretty much anything that comes to his mind, which others find obnoxious. Very loyal to Rippen, Larry may not be good at being bad, but he is optimistically willing to help Rippen pull off his villainy.

Physical appearance

Larry is short with black hair and black eyes. He wears wide orange glasses, and he has a mustache. He wears a light pink shirt underneath a blue sweater vest with a diamond checker pattern. He also wears a purple tie, tan pants, and dark brown shoes.



Although not very evil or cruel, Larry is loyal to Rippen and eagerly obeys him as best as he can. Unable to recognize how deep Rippen's frustration is with him, Larry thinks of Rippen as a close pal and likes being able to do thrilling stuff with him, including the evil schemes.

Penn Zero

Although Penn is his and Rippen's main enemy, Larry doesn't seem to have any ill will towards him, except when he's dutifully following Rippen.

Boone Wiseman

Sharing similar zaniness, Larry and Boone get along well, though being enemies, and have fun expressing their thoughts on baby nickels in "The Fast and the Floor Rugs".



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