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Prince Hugo
Prince Hugo
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Sofia the First
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Colin Ford (season one)
Grayson Hunter Goss (season two)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Baby Bro (referred to by Axel)
Personality Formerly: Rude, obnoxious, foolish, bullying, selfish
Currently: Kind, helpful, loyal, a team player
Appearance Slender, 9 years old, fair skin, dark brown right-parted hair, hazel eyes, black riding boots, slim gray pants
Flying derby form: red and black vertically striped vest, white top, white ascot, black helmet
Princely form: black jacket with white pin, tan vest, red bow tie
Occupation Prince
Student at Royal Prep
Flying derby rider
Alignment Bad, later Good
Goal To join Royal Prep's flying derby team and win the Flying Crown (achieved)
Relatives Prince Axel (older brother)
Unnamed father
Unnamed uncle
Unnamed grandfather
Pets Electra (Pegasus)
Allies Sofia, Princess Amber, Prince James, Minimus, Princess Clio, Princess Hildegard, Electra, Prince Axel, Sir Gillium
Enemies Formerly: Sofia, Prince James, Princess Amber, Minimus, Princess Clio, Princess Hildegard
Currently: Vaughan and Vance
Likes Winning, flying derby, Sofia (currently)
Dislikes Sofia (formerly), princesses in the flying derby (formerly), losing, having his buttons pushed, being left out, his brother's boastfulness
Powers and abilities
Fate Wins the Flying Crown with Sofia and becomes a better person.
Quote "See ya, Princess!"
"I'm on the team?"
"Actually, Big Bro, I take after my teammate, Sofia"

Prince Hugo is a Prince and the best flying horse racer in Sofia the First. He dislikes that Sofia is racing and antagonizes her every chance he gets. He bullies Prince James as well. In the first season, he appears in "Just One of the Princes" and "The Shy Princess". In the second season, he appears in "The Flying Crown" and becomes a protagonist.



Due to his success, Hugo was very rude, egotistical and was a bully. He made fun of Sofia at every opportunity. He teased James when he helped Sofia. He was also a cheater, as he cheated during the race and caused Sofia to fall off of Minimus. The only person he seemed to like was Princess Amber, who adored him until she saw him deliberately cause her little sister to fall off her flying horse.

Hugo relishes in the fawning and admiration he receives from the other Princesses, mainly Princess Hildegard and Princess Clio. However, Princesses Arsinoe, MaeMargaret and Penelope never liked him and neither did the Princes Desmond and Zandar. The person he used to dislike the most was Princess Sofia. This is mostly because she chose to be his competition instead of one of his fawning fans like the other Princesses. While everyone else including her siblings tried to discourage her interest in joining the Flying Derby team because it was traditionally a Prince only thing at the time, his reason for doing so was because he secretly saw the little Princess as a rival because he saw that unlike her older brother and older sister, she was a thrifty hard worker who could commit to the training and who was just as determined to become a Flying Derby champion as he was. Meanwhile, Sofia herself used to dislike him because she regarded him as a rude and annoying cad and for the stunt he pulled on her during the tryout race. 

In the episode "The Flying Crown", it's revealed that his personality seems to stem from the pressure of living up to his family's legacy and the frustration at always failing to do so. When James sprained his wrist before the championship race, Hugo found himself paired with Sofia, and it didn't seem to bother her. The only trouble was that Hugo refused to work with her because his pride wouldn't allow him to be anything but number one, which resulted in him temporarily quitting when he couldn't do team plays. With a little help from his horse Electra, along with Sofia, James and the rest of Royal Prep, he competed in the championship, helping Sofia to win the race, thus securing the championship for the first time at Royal Prep, not to mention for his family. When his older brother, Axel, said that it was due to him that Sofia and Hugo won, he happily replied it was due to Sofia, showing that he'd become a much better person and is now friends with Sofia.


As the best racer in the Flying Derby team at Royal Prep, Hugo was greatly adored by the Princesses, especially Princess Amber, Princess Hildegard, and even Princess Clio. His true colors were first shown when Sofia decided to race. He, as well as Amber, told her she couldn't because it wasn't a "princess thing". Sofia decided to try out anyway, which Hugo didn't like at all because he secretly saw her as a threat. He taunted her at every chance he got in an attempt to discourage her enough to make her give up or anger her enough to provoke her into doing something that would get her disqualified and became increasingly angry when she kept ignoring him and did neither action. After one of Sofia's many failed attempts to finish the course, he tells her there's no point starting a race you can't finish and that she should go back to where she belongs: with the other princesses and be one of his fawning fans. When he tells her this, he almost found out her secret when he walked in on her talking to Minimus, but he was so caught up in making fun of her that he didn't even notice. During the tryout race, he purposely brings his horse to a sudden halt, making Sofia fall off Minimus and onto a haystack. However, both Sofia and James catch up to Hugo and beat him in the end. Hugo is also now disliked by Amber, who witnessed the stunt he pulled on Sofia during the race.

In "The Shy Princess", he is paired up with Princess Clio for the dream castle project for art class. Since he didn't speak in this episode, this was his first time as a background character.

Hugo returned in the episode "The Flying Crown" in which he is paired in the flying derby with Sofia and taught the meaning of teamwork. With a little help from Sofia and his flying horse Electra, Hugo learned to overcome some of his selfishness and arrogance in order to learn what a true Flying Derby racer means and because Sofia taught Hugo the meaning of teamwork, she turned his heart to gold thanks to her. This led to him regaining Amber's affection.


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  • In the episode "The Shy Princess", Hugo is seen in the front row, cheering loudly for Prince Zandar and James' cannon castle. It is revealed in the same episode that he is right-handed, and it is also the first episode where he doesn't actually speak.
  • Hugo is similar to Prince Hans from Frozen. Both have older brothers and are handsome, but inside they are rude and villain-like. However, unlike Hans, Hugo reforms.
    • In his debut appearance, he also shared similar characteristics to Gaston as both are proud of being the best and many girls often swoon over them. Also, unlike Gaston, Hugo reformed.
  • Hugo's original voice actor, Colin Ford currently voices his brother, Axel, while Grayson Hunter Goss is taking over the role as Hugo himself.
  • Hugo's older brother, Axel, mostly refers to him as "Baby Bro."
  • Hugo is mostly seen in his flying derby clothes. In "The Shy Princess", he was seen in his practice clothes without his black helmet for the first time. But in "The Flying Crown", Hugo is first seen wearing a black jacket with a tan vest and a red bow tie.
  • As revealed in the episode with the same name, Hugo is the first in his family to ever win the Flying Crown.
  • Hugo was seen riding two horses. The first horse he rode was a big black horse in "Just One of the Princes", and the second was Electra in "The Flying Crown".
  • Like a lot of younger siblings, Hugo doesn't like it when Axel pushes his buttons.
  • Hugo is the first character on Sofia the First to be voiced by Colin Ford, the second being Axel.
  • Hugo appears to have bigger eyes than Axel does, despite being the youngest of the two brothers.
  • In his debut, Hugo was proven to have a distaste for when it came to princesses being his competition instead of his fans when Sofia decided to try out for the flying derby team. However, he got over it in "The Flying Crown" after he became friends with Sofia.
  • Hugo is the fourth character whom Sofia reformed.


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