Richard Martinez (John D'Aquino) is the President of the United States and Sophie's father. He always gives Cory some advice like in the episode "New Kid In Town". He often does his catchphrase by looking in the camera (thus breaking the fourth wall) and saying "The President of the United States". He also tries to be funny and tells jokes that are often humorless like in the episode "A Rat By Any Other Name" And in the episode "Nappers Delight". He often counts on his assistant Samantha Samuels in some cases like in the episode "Just Desserts" and the episode "I Ain't Got Rhythm". His actions as president are very serious although sometimes he may conduct in some childish behavior. He usually enters the scene whistling Hail to the Chief. Although largely a comic character, President Martinez has sometimes come to Cory's rescue, such as when Cory attempted to impress Meena's father by studying Bahavian customes, but mistaken Bahavia for Bahamas, causing great insult. President Martinez used his diplomatic ability to smooth things over.


  • One episode that focused on President Martinez was when he suffered a bout of amnesia and was unaware of his status as President of the United States, and thinking he was unemployed, took a job in a fast-food joint. When he regained his memory, he realized that the fast food job helped put him in touch with average Americans and the realization that life for lower and middle classes is not always an easy one. This was similar to another politician, King Roland II, who found himself a baker and later realized how hard his subjects work.