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Mickey Mouse
Season 1, Episode 13
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Original air date November 18, 2013
Mickey Mouse Episodes
"O Sole Minnie"
"Potatoland" is the thirteenth episode of Mickey Mouse. It is notably a special "double-sized" episode, at seven minutes in length, having aired on November 18, 2013 to celebrate Mickey's 85th birthday.


Goofy has longed to go to "Potatoland", the potato themed amusement park. Only thing is there isn't a park. Not wanting to disappoint him, Mickey and Donald build a Potatoland, basing it off of Disneyland.


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are driving passed farms as Goofy says that he can't believe they're taking him to "Potatoland", the potato themed amusement park. Donald mutters that he can't believe it either. Mickey is a bit unsure, and asks Goofy if they're going the right way, to which he replies that he is, passing that sign 14 1/2 times when he was younger. He then sees the sign for it, and they stop. "Welcome to Idaho. America's Potatoland". Goofy begins to dance in front of the sign, and Mickey and Donald know there's trouble. Mickey asks Goofy if its the right sign, and Goofy replies that it is and that he's always wondered how great Potatoland must be. Mickey and Donald ask if he's actually seen Potatoland, and Goofy says he has. Every night in his dreams. After knocking himself out, Donald tries to leave, only to be stopped by Mickey.

Mickey says that they didn't drive for 4 days without stopping or eating, and that they won't leave until Goofy's dream comes true. Donald then asks what they are supposed to do, and if they're just gonna build an amusement park, and Mickey agrees to do so, much to Donald's dismay. Construction begins right away, and they begin looking for potatoes to use for the park. Next, Mickey peels the potatoes, Donald puts on some gravy, and the potato sticks to the other, like bricks and cement. The two then set up lights while avoiding a dreaming Goofy.

The next mourning is the great unavailing. Goofy is amazed, but hadn't taken his blindfold off. When he does, he immediately charges in, and Mickey and Donald follow. Mickey suggests a ride as they stroll down a spoof of Main Street, and Goofy agrees. The first ride is the King Potato carousel (King Arthur Carousel). Mickey plays the music on an organ, and Donald pulls the crank to move the carousel around, until it backfires and slaps Donald. Mickey rushes over and tells Donald he can't be taking a nap. Their next ride is the Potato's Mansion (Haunted Mansion), where Goofy's in a car and Mickey pushes him, while being the ghost host. Donald plays as the ghosts that jumpscare you in the graveyard. This scares Goofy and beats Donald with part of the car, and running off.

The final ride shown is Great Moments with Mr. Potato (Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln). Goofy cheers, but boos when the show doesn't start. Donald then goes into the potato on stage and says a food-themed version of Abraham Lincoln's speech. Mickey then plugs a wire into and outlet, and the potato explodes. Goofy is upset that it was Donald acting, and claims he's going to see a park manager about it. That's when Mickey drops the bomb: "Potatoland isn't real". He explains that he and Donald built the place so Goofy's dream can come true. Goofy is touched by this, but when they exit, they slip. The sun begins to thin out the gravy used to hold the potatoes in place, and Goofy thinks of a dream to get out. It indeed comes true true, and they leave Idaho as a flood of gravy crashes into the sign.


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